Trustee Magazine Data Dashboards

Trustee magazine is dedicated to the directors of hospitals and health care systems. Each issue is packed with expert governance guidance and the latest health care trends. These Data Dashboards from Trustee Magazine offer a snapshot of healthcare trends from the AHA Annual Survey of Hospitals, Most Wired Survey, AHA Survey of Care Systems and Payment, and HRET.

  • Cybersecurity

    By: Trustee Published: September 2015

    Data breaches occur in all sectors of the economy, including health care. Seventy percent (70%) of respondents to the 2015 Hospitals & Health Networks Most Wired Survey report their governance boards include cybersecurity in risk management assessments.

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  • Payment Models

    By: Trustee Published: July 2015

    87% of hospitals responding to the 2014 AHA Survey of Care Systems and Payment report currently having fee-for-service contracts with payers. This Dashboard provides insight into the payment models hospitals will have in the future.

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  • Population Health

    By: Trustee Published: June 2015

    67% of organizations say their population health activities are aimed at individuals who use their hospital or system, according to the 2015 American Hospital Association Population Health Survey.

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  • Total Asset Turnover Ratio

    By: Trustee Published: May 2015

    Hospitals are capital-intensive organizations due to their specialized equipment. This Data Dashboard provides a snapshot of the total asset turnover ratios of United States hospitals.

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  • Rural Hospitals

    By: Trustee Published: April 2015

    According to the United States Census Bureau, 19% of the population live in rural areas. Learn how their medical care is addressed by hospitals.

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  • Outpatient Care

    By: Trustee Published: March 2015

    United States community hospitals have experienced an increase in outpatient visits each of the last five years. Learn more about specific outpatient departments in this Trustee dashboard.

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  • Continuous Improvement Programs of ACO Hospitals

    By: Trustee Published: February 2015

    All healthcare organizations strive to delivery quality care in a cost effective manner. Accountable Care Organizations have assumed additional risk--and the potential for greater reward--to demonstrate efficiency. So it makes sense that 87% of ACO participants have adopted a formal quality improvement methodology for clinical leaders.

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  • Net Patient Accounts Receivable

    By: Trustee Published: January 2015

    Net patient accounts receivable is a measure of how long it takes for a hospital to collect payment on care delivered to patients. The median number of days in 2013 for community hospitals was 50, based on data from the AHA Annual Survey and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid cost reports.

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  • Behavioral Health Services in Hospitals

    By: Trustee Published: November 2014

    Fewer hospitals offer behavioral health services than 10 years ago. Some of the decline can be attributed to the reimbursement structure for mental health services. This Trustee dashboard shows the percentage of hospitals that offer a range of psychiatric services.

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  • Population Health Analytic Tools

    By: Trustee Published: October 2014

    Population health has become part of our lexicon, thanks in part to the Affordable Care Act. The concept of monitoring the health outcomes of a group of individuals is not new; but the focus has intensified with health reform. The 2014 Hospitals & Health Network Most Wired Survey reports an increasing number of hospitals are turning to analytics to inform their population health activities. Get a snapshot of the findings in this Trustee Dashboard.

  • Hospitals Provide Economic Boost

    By: Trustee Published: September 2014

    The impact of hospitals goes beyond the care they provide for patients. Every dollar spent by a hospital supports more than $2 of additional business activity. Learn how hospitals impact the economy of their communities.

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  • Survey finds Hospital EHR Adoption Rate is Growing

    By: Trustee Published: July 2014

    The Health Information Technology and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was signed into law incentivizing hospitals and physicians to increase the use of electronic health records (EHR). The American Hospital Association Annual Survey Information Technology supplement was launched to measure the progress of EHR adoption. Read highlights from the latest Survey.

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  • Administrative Cost of RAC

    By: Trustee Published: June 2014

    The American Hospital Association conducts a quarterly survey to measure the impact of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Recovery Audit Contractors program. A snapshot from the 1st quarter 2014 results indicate 69% of hospitals incur administrative costs in excess of $10,000 despite over half of denials being successfully appealed.

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  • Hospital Admissions Trends

    By: Trustee Published: May 2014

    Hospital inpatient admissions are declining as outpatient utilization increases according to the 2014 edition of AHA Hospital Statistics, an annual publication with five-year trends on hospital utilization, staffing, and expenses.  

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  • ACO Governance

    By: Trustee Published: April 2014

    Patterns in ACO governance are beginning to take shape as the formation of ACOs continue to grow. Learn more from the AHA Survey of Care Systems and Payment.

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  • Patient Engagement

    By: Trustee Published: February 2014

    Getting patients involved in their own care is a strategy for improved health outcomes.Technology-savvy hospitals are using patient-generated data to increase patient engagement. Read more about their experiences.

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  • Bundled Payments

    By: Trustee Published: January 2014

    Bundled payments, where providers are reimbursed for an episode of care, is one strategy for controlling health care costs. Read a summary of findings from the AHA Survey of Care Systems and Payment.

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  • Continuity-of-Care

    By: Trustee Published: January 2013

    Several care coordination strategies including continuity-of-care are being used in hospitals to reduce readmissions. Read more about this and other care coordination activities from the 2011 AHA Annual Survey findings.

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  • Accountable Care Organizations formed by Hospitals

    Source: Trustee Published: November 2012

    Recent data from the AHA Annual Survey examines characteristics of hospitals and healthcare systems that established an accountable care organization.

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  • Growth in Community Hospital Service Lines

    Source: Trustee Published: October 2012

    Multislice computed tomography, robotic surgery and image-guided therapy are just a few of the facilities and services lines offered by U.S. community hospitals that have seen the greatest increase during a 5 year time span. 

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  • Healthcare Systems and Patient Safety

    Source: Trustee Published: September 2012

    This piece uses measures from the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems to look at patient satisfaction scores at the healthcare system level. 

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  • IT Budgets

    Source: Trustee Published: July 2012

    The Hospital and Health Networks ’ 2012 Most Wired Survey finds that over the past five years, hospitals are increasing their expenditures on Health IT systems.

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  • More Procedure Codes in ICD-10

    Source: Trustee Published: June 2012

    Switching to the ICD-10 clinical code sets will allow for more detailed and thorough medical diagnosis.

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  • Facilities and Services

    Source: Trustee Published: June 2011

    With the number of insured growing under the Affordable Care Act, emergency room visits have increased dramatically.  Hospitals are using satellite emergency departments to deal with the increase in volume.

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  • Comprehensive EHR

    Source: Trustee Published: May 2012

    This dashboard defines comprehensive EHR and examines its deployment among non-federal hospitals.

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  • Healthcare Systems

    Source: Trustee Published: April 2012

    Data on the composition, location and size of U.S. health care systems from the AHA hospitals and systems databases. 

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  • Nurse Practitioners

    Source: Trustee Published: March 2012

    AHA Annual Survey of hospitals examines the use of nurse practitioners. 

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  • Telemedicine

    Source: Trustee Published: February 2012

    Statistics on telemedicine offerings from hospitals designated Most Wired by Health Care's Most Wired Survey. 

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  • Rural Health Clinics

    Source: Trustee Published: January 2012

    New data from the latest AHA Annual Survey of hospitals tracks rural health care clinics in U.S. Community Hospitals.

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  • Insurance Options

    Source: Trustee Published: November 2011

    Data from the 2009 AHA Annual Survey shows a decline in capitated payment holdings in managed care plans while hospitals that have a stake in HMO are better positioned to build an Accountable Care Organization. 

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  • Physician-Hospital Arrangements

    Source: Trustee Published: September 2011

    Hospital joint venture activity has increased while AHA Annual Survey data shows the rise in both integrated salary and equity physician models to demonstrate growing physician-hospital arrangements.

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