Hospital Financial Database

Get the hospital financial information you need, from a source you already trust: Health Forum. The AHA DataViewer Financial Module offers nearly 200 data points in several categories, including:

  • General Information
  • Financial Reports
  • Revenues & Expense
  • Utilization
  • Other Financial Details

Combining the Financial Module with data from the AHA Annual Survey, you will gain a broad view of hospital characteristics and operations whether you examine a single hospital or a group of hospitals.

The Financial Module is sourced from the Healthcare Provider Cost Reporting Information System (HCRIS) managed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). Financial data will be updated quarterly and will contain the latest rolling four years of data for Medicare-certified hospitals.  

How will you benefit?

  • Reliable data on Medicare-certified hospitals delivered by a trustworthy source
  • Ability to view balance sheet, income statement, and other financial insights
  • Quarterly updates to stay current in this changing healthcare environment
  • Links to current hospital data from AHA

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Data Source

The primary source of data in the Financial Database is the CMS Healthcare Cost Reporting Information System. Specifically, data are from the following CMS 2552-10 Cost Report worksheets:

  • Worksheet A-7, Reconciliation of Capital Costs Center
  • Worksheet G, Balance Sheet
  • Worksheet G-1, Statement of Changes in Fund Balances
  • Worksheet G-2, Patient Revenue and Operating Expenses
  • Worksheet G-3, Statement of Revenue and Operating Expenses
  • Worksheet S-3 Part I, Hospital and Hospital Health Care Complex Statistical Data
  • Worksheet S-10, Hospital Uncompensated and Indigent Care Data. Note: Information reported to CMS on CMS-2552-10 Worksheet S-10 is not yet subject to audit by CMS. 

Learn more about the Financial Database with the fields glossary.