AHA Guide® 2015 Edition

AHA Guide 2015 book coverThe AHA Guide is the most comprehensive hospital directory available. Rich with healthcare information and hospital data, this publication is compiled from the AHA annual survey of hospitals and other sources to provide a comprehensive directory of healthcare in America. With hospital data thoroughly and carefully reviewed, this reference provides information on:


  • 6,400 U.S. hospitals
  • 400-plus healthcare systems, networks and alliances
  • 700 health care organizations and associations
  • 700 governmental agencies
  • 3,000 other accredited providers

Hospital profiles include physician arrangements, organizational structure, primary service data, approval code/accreditations, and hospital demographics such as hospital bed size data, admissions, census, outpatient visits, births, expenses, and Medicare provider Identifications. Medical data includes an inventory of 148 facility and service lines offered by hospitals. These range from acute long-term care to trauma center and include the latest health care technology from robot-assisted walking therapy to simulate rehabilitation environment making this the best hospital directory available.  Using the Guide CD you can:

  • Search United States hospitals such as by hospital name
  • Search for names of C-level contacts
  • View and print complete hospital profiles
  • Link directly to hospital systems web sites
  • Print sections of hospital data from the PDF included on the CD

AHA Guide® 2015 Edition

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AHA Guide® Book and CD 2015 Edition* 

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AHA Guide® on CD 2015 Edition*

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